When someone mentions Girl Scouts, your first though is probably, “Ooh, cookies!” But Scouting is about more than cookie sales.  It’s about acquiring the skills to be happy and successful. And, of course, earning merit badges.

Sure, Girl Scouts can still earn badges for baking, first aid, and outdoor skills. And they can certainly earn a Cookie Business badge. But there are plenty of modern-day badges, too.

For example, fourth-graders used to be able to earn a Computer Fun badge by learning to save files, and run spell checks. Today, the same age group can get badges in Computer Drawing, Desktop Publishing, Digital Photography and Digital Movie-Making. There are also Financial Literacy badges that cover skills like Managing Money, Comparison Shopping, and Philanthropy.

Today’s Girl Scouts can also earn badges for Writing for Real News, Comic Artist, College 101, and Environmental Health, as well as Global Awareness, Healthy Relationships, and Science in Everyday Life.