It's true according to Kate Lorenz of Career Builder .com. And getting fired is more common than you think. In fact, on average, you'll get sacked 3 times in your career.
If it's happened to you, you're in some good company--J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books is one. She was fired from her secretarial job because she got caught writing stories on her computer. And cycling superstar Lance Armstrong was fired from his cycling team in 1997 after he began cancer treatment.
And they're not the only ones, writer Harvey Mackay has interviewed a slew of others in his book, "We Got Fired" and he has these eight tips to help you bounce back from pink slip purgatory:
#1. Don't take it personally. You're not a bad person, it just may be that this job isn't the right fit for you.
#2. Don't waste time on bitterness. It only hurts you and keeps you from moving on.
#3. Rejection happens to everyone. Accept it as a fact of life. In baseball there's only one MVP every year out of 748 players, and only 11 percent of applicants get into Harvard and Princeton.
Everyone gets a taste of rejection sometime in his or her life, so don't let it shake your confidence.
Another tip for dealing with "the axe": Don't let go of your dreams. This job was not your only opportunity to reach your goal. It's like driving to grandma's house--If the highway is closed, take side streets.
#5. Figure out why you were fired. If you made a mistake, learn from it. If not, learn from the situation.
#6. Don't burn bridges. Maintain a civil relationship with ex-colleagues. You never know where your next job recommendation may come from.
And the final tip for rebounding after being fired: Instead of dwelling on your current situation, focus on a time when you'll be working again and doing great. If you take one step at time, you'll eventually reach your goal.
If you'd like to go further, check out the book: "We Got Fired" by Harvey Mackay.