Here’s a pop question: What’s worse than getting dumped? How about getting dumped by text message! It may sound tacky, but statistics show it’s happening a lot more often.

In fact, one new study found that 1 in 10 people have received a “We’re over” text – from either a romantic partner, or their boss. And recent high profile text message splits include actor Charlie Sheen getting dumped by his girlfriend via text. And Tiger Woods’s coach, Hank Haney, resigned via text after six years working together. There’s even a Facebook group with hundreds of members called “I’ve been dumped by text”, where people post their text message split-up stories.

So, why are so many people using their phone to do their dirty work? Experts say that constantly using “instant communication” technology - like texting, email, and Facebook messages - has programmed us to relay any type of news instantly, no matter where we are. So, if someone feels like a relationship isn’t working, odds are they’ll think nothing of firing off a break-up text instead of waiting to meet in person.

But etiquette experts say that ending any type of relationship by text is the ultimate cowardly behavior.