According to Hanes Mass, author of the book "Power Sleep", you've got to design the ideal sleeping environment. Here's what he suggests.

First: Your mattress. It doesn't have to be hard or firm in order to be good. It just needs to have enough support to keep your hips and spine in the same alignment as if you were standing up.

Next: Your pillow. Think yours is dead? Here's how to find out. Fluff it, fold it in half and then place a tennis shoe on top. If the pillow is good, it'll throw the shoe off and unfold by itself. If it doesn't do this, it's time to but a new one--The pillow should be firm if you sleep on your side, medium-firm if you sleep on your back, and soft if you sleep on your stomach.

Another crucial part of getting a good night's sleep: Darkness. Buy thick, dark-colored curtains. You want your bedroom pitch black, since even a single spot of light   like the one on your cell phone charger   can disrupt your sleep.

And finally, when hitting the hay, tune your radio to the static between two stations.
And keep the volume low. According to Maas, the noise will mask unwanted sleep distractions, without keeping you awake.