Here’s a question you may be asked in the very near future: Do you have a P-H-R? That’s a “personal health record.” In fact, experts say that P-H-Rs are about to become the hottest medical trend because they’ll make tracking your family’s health easier than ever.

What exactly is a P-H-R? It’s an electronic file that contains every single detail of your health history. Everything from prescription histories, to test results, to vaccination records, all in one place. That way, you don’t have to bring copies of every file from every doctor to every new medical appointment. 

Experts say that the new P-H-Rs will also make it dramatically easier for your doctors to provide the best care. Because it’s like a Cliffs Notes about your health. For example, say you need antibiotics on vacation. Your new doctor will be able to instantly see that you’re on blood pressure medication, and the two could give you a bad reaction – lowering your blood pressure to dangerous levels. 

So, how do you get your own P-H-R? New online medical record websites are cropping up that’ll do it for you. 

You simply sign a medical release form, enter in your doctors’ names, and you’re done. The company will collect, upload, and organize your health history for you. 

If you’re a parent, check out the online medical record website For $50 a year, it’ll track your entire family’s health records.

And, for adults or families, there’s, which costs $30 every time you need to look at your P-H-R.