Body language is such a HUGE part of communication, that we dug up some more intel for you.

Here are some tips to make people more receptive to you and the messages you’re sending. 

  • Rather than staring at someone straight on, rotate your focus to something slightly to the right or the left of the person you’re talking to. Constant eye-contact can make someone feel uncomfortable and nervous.

  • If you’re naturally a hands-on person, keep in mind that touching the back of a person’s hand, wrist or forearm is the gesture that’s least likely to offend them.

  • And if you want to seem powerful and assertive, don’t cross your legs. Instead, take up some space. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, or sit with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Even if it means you need to sit forward a bit.

And a final bit of body language intelligence: 

If you find yourself standing too close to someone, make a joke and say something like, “Sorry – I’m a little in your face, aren’t I?” and move back. Experts call these maneuvers “the sign-language of success.”