Whether you’re going to a hair salon, a YMCA - or the New York Stock Exchange -be prepared to be asked to sign a coronavirus waiver. According to Reuters, companies are using signs, forms and website postings to protect themselves from lawsuits in the event someone contracts coronavirus after visiting a business or using a service. And that’s even though it would be very hard to prove a business caused a customer’s illness. But people and companies are so worried about it that waivers may become the new normal. Businesses using coronavirus waivers include the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City, a real estate agency in Arizona, a racecar speedway in Pennsylvania, and a martial arts gym in Texas. Event industry workers are also having clients sign waivers - including makeup artists and wedding photographers. Even Disney World’s website cites “severe illness and death” risks for customers at its Orlando, Florida, amusement parks.

So, if you choose to enter a business - or hire someone - be prepared to be asked to sign a waiver.