There’s never been a better time to get paid to doodle!

That’s because a growing number of companies are renovating their offices in a way that encourages workers to draw their ideas, on paper, whiteboard, or glass. Some companies are even offering training in the art of so-called “visual note taking.” Others are hiring special consultants, known as “graphic recorders,” who basically sketch what’s being talked about in meetings, cartoon-style. As an example: Facebook recently converted most of the walls, windows, and even some desks in their offices into “writable surfaces.” That way, workers can sketch ideas with dry-erase markers whenever, and wherever, they pop up.

Why all the focus on doodling? Because many studies show that doodling helps workers stay more focused. In fact, doodlers are more likely than non-doodlers to retain important information. Psychologists say it’s because the act of writing things out by hand uses just enough cognitive energy to keep the mind from wandering.

Also, even if you only draw in stick figures, experts say doodling can help generate ideas, and simplify communication.

And know this: Managers say that we’ve become so addicted to digital devices today that it’s hard to get workers to look up from their tablets and smartphones during meetings, but with doodling, workers pay more attention, retain more information, and become more productive! I guess that’s why Idea Paint, the company that makes a paint that turns any surface into a white board, has seen their sales double!