When it comes to being happy at work, money isn’t everything. In fact, one study found that a simple $25 bonus would make most workers happy – provided it was delivered with a “thank you” for their efforts. Here are 3 other things that’ll do more for you job satisfaction than a pay raise:

  • Having room to grow. University of Iowa management professor Maria Kraimer says that employees are more likely to enjoy clocking in if they feel that there are opportunities for advancement at the company down the road.

  • Working from home. In a recent survey, the majority of people said that being allowed to telecommute was as valuable as a 17% pay hike. Why? Psychologist Dr. Maynard Brusman says working from home gives employees a sense of control and autonomy that they can’t get at the office.

  • Facebook breaks. Research shows that employees who take a few minutes in the afternoon to check their social media pages are happier, less stressed, and better able to concentrate. Because they’re less likely to wonder whether life’s passing them by.