You can get anything you want in life if you ask for it the right way. Here’s how, according to the book "The Ask" by Laura Fredricks.

  • First, to ask a FAVOR: Use the word “because.” As in, “May I borrow the car because I want to see a movie?” A study found that people who gave a reason for their request by using the word “because” were 34-percent more likely to hear a “yes” than those who didn’t. And almost any reason will work.  In fact, in one experiment, people were often given permission to cut in line to use a copy machine, even if their reason was simply “because I need to make copies.”

  • Next, to ask for a RAISE: Use the word “because” again, but this time give specific reasons for your request that relate to your job and performance. A good example is to say something like: “I think I deserve a raise because my ideas helped boost sales last year,” NOT because you need more money to afford your rent.

  • Finally, to ask for A DATE: Keep it simple. Experts say people tend to be more receptive to short, clear requests. Plus when you keep your message simple, you’ll appear more poised and attractive because you won’t be stumbling over your words. So boil your date request down to three main points: what, where, and when. For example, say something like: “I’d love to get together with you.” That’s what.  “Want to go see a band with me?” That’s where.  “How about next Thursday?” That’s when.