If you're groggy in the mornings, having trouble getting it together, here's what to do. According to Doctor Mark Rosekind of Alertness Solutions - a scientific consulting firm that studies sleep you need more light. Move your bed by a window or use a light bulb that mimics sunlight. Daylight increases your alertness by 20 to 30%.

Another tip: Tense your muscles. Even the slightest physical activity affects the area of the brain that fights lethargy.
And get on the phone. Talking helps the brain wake up and start functioning. If you have a friend who's an early riser, have them give you a wake up call. Then, once you're up, boost your alertness by painting your bathroom yellow   it's an energy color   and showering with a citrus scented soap or shampoo. The smell of citrus awakens your senses. By the time your feet hit the bathmat, you'll be rarin' to go.