What’s in fashion these days? Gardening clothing. But not just to wear in the yard. To wear everywhere!

The Wall Street journal says the latest style trend includes rubber galoshes, sturdy work pants and functional bags with extra pockets for seeds and trowels. And it’s because gardening has emerged as a hot hobby among the younger, Instagram generations.

Dayna Johnson is the trend expert at Etsy… and she says, over the past three months Etsy searches for gardening kits - filled with seeds, soil, pots and other planting accessories - are up over 300% compared to last year. And searches for gardening gloves alone are up 250%.

And up-and-coming gardeners want to flaunt their new hobby. Etsy clocked a huge uptick in searches for “plant lady” and “plant mom” shirts. And there’s a gardening street-wear line, called “Plant Man P,” that includes T-shirts that say things like “Plant Care is Self Care” and they sell out in hours.

Luxury labels are in on the trend too…. with Dior selling a garden tote - and Fendi selling a watering can.