Get ready to learn something about your own brain! Here are some mental quirks we all have, courtesy of the productivity website

  • For instance – there’s a reason phone numbers are only 7 digits. It’s because that’s the max capacity of our short-term memory. Humans have 3 types of memory. Long-term, which is where those memories of summer vacations are stored. Sense memory, which enables you to do two things at once, like knit and talk on the phone. The sensory part takes over the knitting so you don’t have to think about it. The third type of memory is short-term – which is where you store things you don’t need for long, like people’s names at a party, or your shopping list. Short-term memory can hold, on average, 7 things at a time. If you need to remember more than that, write it down.
  • Your long-term memory shuts down during sleep. That’s why you often dream about something you just saw – and why dreams fade quickly once you wake up. Even though we have several dreams during the night, they aren’t being recorded into long-term memory.
  • Another weird fact about our brains, chartreuse is the most visible color. That’s like a bright yellow with a tinge of green. It seems chartreuse sits right in the middle of the frequencies of visible light – and triggers the most brain receptors to fire. That’s why, in some cities, fire trucks have been changed from red to a yellow-green color, to make them more visible.
  • TV really can be a brain killer. It may be tempting to zone out in front of the tube after a stressful day – but don’t watch more than 2 hours. Because too much TV may damage your memory. Basically, when you’re watching TV, your neurons can barely be bothered to fire. A study from the journal Brain and Cognition found that for each additional hour per day a person watches TV between the ages of 40 and 59, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s later in life increases by 1.3%.