Twitter used to be just for sending quick messages to everyone in your social network. Then it became a popular way to track rock bands, find your friends on weekends, and get breaking news and sports reports. Users are getting innovative with their tweets. Here’s a sample, courtesy of the social media website,

  • Sockington the Cat. He’s one of the most popular cats on Twitter, and currently has almost half a million followers! His claim to fame? Sockington’s just a cat with a humdrum, everyday life, but perfect strangers just love the tweets about his meals, litter box, cat toys, and playmates.
  • Then, Ryan Rose – a guy who’s handy with a wrench and a computer, but was always forgetting his laundry - created The Washing Machine Hack. Every time his Maytag washer finishes a load, it sends Ryan and 152 strangers a tweet announcing that his laundry’s done.  
  • Another clever use of Twitter: Botani-Calls. You can buy the kit created by four recent grad students at NYU. It uses soil-moisture censors and an ethernet connection to twitter when your plants need to be watered, and sends tweets to say “thanks” after you water them.
  • Then there’s Tweet-a-Watt. You can install the wireless monitoring system to keep track of the power usage inside your home. It’ll tweet to let you know if you’re wasting electricity, or if someone’s making a midnight snack.  
  • One last clever use of Twitter isn’t on the market yet. It’s a belt filled with motion sensors called the Kickbee, and it was designed to tweet fathers-to-be whenever their unborn baby gave mommy’s tummy a kick.