A new report by several wildlife conversation groups found that frogs everywhere are about to croak - for good. And it’s all because a lot of restaurant customers love frog legs.

Frog legs may sound like an unusual item to order, but 20 percent of all the frog legs eaten are consumed in the U.S. – and roughly 1 billion frogs are eaten each year worldwide!

Devotees say they taste better than chicken and have a similar texture. They can cost anywhere from $12 for a bucket of fried legs to hundreds of dollars for a fancy caramelized plate of them.

And they’re surprisingly popular. Unfortunately, frog populations simply can’t keep up with the demand, and are on the verge of extinction. So, wildlife experts are working with lawmakers to protect the international frog trade, and to reduce the capture and cooking of frogs.

So you might want to get a jump start on the movement to save frogs from extinction.  Since most people say frog legs taste a lot like chicken, why not stick with chicken? Unlike frogs, they’re not likely to face extinction any time soon.