Supermarkets like to claim they make your life more convenient - with their low prices, big selection, and friendly staff. However, financial experts tell us supermarkets really have no interest in making your life convenient at all. In fact, here's how they profit from your IN-convenience, according to the money-saving blog:

  • Inconvenience #1: They place staple items as far from the entrance as possible. Running to the store for milk and a bag of sugar? Then, prepare to walk all the way to the back of the store! That's because research shows that nearly half of what you buy at a grocery store are impulse purchases. So, it's in the store's best interest to make you walk past row upon row of temptations before you get to what you really need.
  • The 2nd way grocery stores are inconvenient: They rarely keep sale items in stock. A study found that unless you shop within two days of an item going on sale, you'll rarely get the biggest discounts advertised in coupons - because the item will likely be sold out! Of course, the store will make sure there are plenty of full-priced alternatives stocked nearby. The thinking here is that once you're inside a store, you'll be less inclined to drive somewhere else to buy what you really want.
  • Another way supermarkets inconvenience your life: They display complicated sale prices, like "buy two and get one free" or "buy three for $7." Stores have discovered that you'll spend more money when prices are shown that way, because it's easier to just grab three items, than to stop and figure out how much each one really costs.
  • One more supermarket inconvenience: Long check-out lines. Stores like to blame budget cutbacks for not having enough cashiers on duty to handle those long lines. However, stores also know that the longer you stand in line, the more likely you'll be to grab candy bars, magazines or sodas stocked near the cash register. In fact, on a per-square-foot basis, statistics show that the check-out area in any store tends to be the most profitable location of all.