Getting older and over-use aren't the only reasons people are in pain. New research we read abouthas found a few other reasons for back pain that you may not be aware of.

  • Like not getting enough vitamin D. Dr. Stewart Leavitt is a pain management specialist and he says that often, patients with chronic back pain have lower levels of vitamin D. He says talk to your doctor about taking 2,000 International Units of vitamin D per day. Dr. Leavitt has found that in people who do, their pain either disappears or is significantly reduced.
  • Another reason for back pain? You're not "regular" - in the bathroom sense. Blockage in the lower intestine can cause pressure in the lower back, and the longer you're blocked, the worse the pain gets. The fix? Eat more fiber from vegetables, fruit and whole grains - and exercise to prevent constipation.
  • The next reason for back pain that you may not be aware of - your bad mood. Mood plays a big role in how the body perceives pain. So if you're stressed or depressed it can magnify and intensify any minor, existing pain.
  • You have undiagnosed scoliosis. You may have a mild case that was overlooked when you were a kid - or maybe a lack of Vitamin D weakened your back muscles and caused your spine to become misaligned. It's difficult to diagnose in adults - because doctors have a hard time telling the difference between pain caused by scoliosis and pain cause by disc problems. Scoliosis is partly preventable. You just need to have healthy habits - like maintaining a healthy weight, doing exercises that build back strength, and not smoking.

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