Let's face it: We don't smell our best 24/7, but lingering body odors can be a sign of serious health problems. Here are four body odors you shouldn't ignore, courtesy of Bottom Line Health:* Funky-smelling sweat: When you sweat, it doesn't smell right away, but if it lingers on your body, it goes through a bacterial decomposition - which makes it stink. Particularly bad-smelling sweat could be caused by several factors. For example, rancid-smelling sweat could be caused by problems digesting dietary fat. So eat more high-fiber foods, like veggies, apples and flaxseed. The fiber will bind to the fat and get it out of your system more efficiently. Sweat that smells yeasty could be from a magnesium deficiency - which can cause yeast or bacteria to grow like crazy on your skin. So eat more magnesium-rich foods like spinach, broccoli or kale. See your doctor if your sweat doesn't smell better in a week or two. * The next body odor: Bad breath, which can be caused by coffee, garlic, poor hygiene and dehydration. A low-carb or no-carb diet could also cause bad breath. According to the American Heart Association, getting too many calories from protein causes our bodies to release chemicals called ketones, chemicals that make your breath super-stinky. So make sure you're eating whole grain carbs, like brown rice. You can also fight bad breath by eating plain, unsweetened yogurt for breakfast, because it contains healthy bacteria that replace the germs that cause bad breath. See your doctor immediately if your breath smells fruity - because that could mean you have diabetes.* Another body odor you should never ignore: Strange-smelling urine, which could be a urinary tract infection.You'll probably need to see your doctor for antibiotics. In the meantime, drink at least eight ounces of 100% cranberry or blueberry juice a day. That helps create a barrier that keeps the bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall.