While Harry Potter author Joanne Rowling takes the summer to work on the next novel, your kids will be reading a new mystery called "Chasing Vermeer". It was written by first-time author Blue Balliett, a former art-history major and teacher. The book is for kids 9 years old and up and it's about a 6th grade girl and boy in search of a stolen painting by Vermeer.
The illustrations are by the same guy who does the Lemony Snicket books and critics are going crazy for this novel. Their calling it "The DaVinci Code for tweens." In fact, this book is so hot that 5 different publishers were bidding for it.
The author is already working on her next book   another mystery   this time about a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Chicago's Hyde Park.
But this summer, according to Newsweek Magazine, it's all about "Chasing Vermeer" which is already a best seller and it's not even out yet   thanks to pre-orders. Look for it in bookstores later this month.