In a recent poll, one quarter of all North Americans admitted they read NO books at all last year! And based on the popularity of books like Twilight, you might think the majority of people who DO read, are women! But, one of the biggest trends in reading groups these days is actually all-male book clubs.
Guy groups are popping up all over North America – many of them organized by local book stores, libraries, and church groups. So, why are men joining reading groups? Some go for the free coffee and snacks, others for the camaraderie. And some guys say they felt alienated or singled out at more traditional book clubs – because they were outnumbered by women. 
Typically, men’s book meetings tend to be shorter than women’s, although they can expand if the discussion is good enough. For example, one member of the Renaissance Men’s Book Club in Memphis recalls a meeting that went on for 4 hours. They had to finish talking books over a game of pool – since their usual spot at the library was closing for the night!
Dean Johnson runs the Beagle Books Men’s Book Club in Park Rapids, Minnesota.  And he believes most men DO read, but his club prefers only novels written by men, FOR men. Favorite themes include exploring manhood, civil rights, relationships and history. 
So guys, what do you think? Are you a member of an all-male book club? Got any favorite titles of your own to share?