Big Brother might not be watching your every move, but your boss may be. Most of us know our employer can monitor what we do on our computers and phones, but a lot of us assume that no boss has the time to snoop on us. 

Well, things are changing. Because monitoring employee activity has gotten a lot easier and faster. There’s plenty of new, inexpensive technology that makes it easier for your boss to read your emails, and track what you’re doing online, even if you’re using your personal smartphone. 

For example, if you’re surfing the Internet, or playing games while connected to your employer’s WiFi network, experts say you should assume the boss knows what you’re doing, so switch off your phone’s WiFi on the job. 

Of course, companies also want to know if employees are stealing corporate secrets, sending out harassing emails, or just goofing off on the clock. That’s why they’re increasingly looking into our personal lives, because more of us use the same phones and computers at work, as we do at home. And that gives your boss the right to monitor everything you do on your personal phone. 

The only way to make sure your private life stays private is to avoid using your work computer for anything personal. So you need to buy your own phone and computer for personal use, that you only use when you’re off-the-clock, and never for work assignments, calls or emails.