So you’re new to a city, you don’t know anyone. Why not go to a dinner party at a stranger’s house. 

If you’re in search of good food and good company, people are now turning to the web to find friends to dine with, like the site It was launched by two friends who moved to a new city and wanted to expand their social circle. It’s now available in 35 cities – you buy a ticket, meet up with a group of like-minded people at a local restaurant, and walk away at the end of the night with some new friends. 

Or try Soup Next Door. A chef will come to the host’s house and make an amazing meal while strangers all gather to eat together. Anyone can attend, and the prices are reasonable, no more than you’d spend at a restaurant - $24 to $40.

The thinking with these new types of supper clubs is that most people have no idea who their neighbors are, we have fewer friends now than ever, and we all want to connect over a good meal. 

So if you want to meet new friends and enjoy good food, this may be the ticket.  

You could even start your own dinner party through these sites. So check them out – Grub With Us and Soup Next Door.