What’s the coolest new thing on college campuses these days? It’s food trucks! 

Over the last few years, food trucks have been trendy, with people swarming trucks selling French fries, Asian BBQ, and even pancakes. But food trucks are now moving from city streets to college campuses.

In fact, a survey found that a few years ago, 12 colleges in North America ran their own food trucks. Today, that number has increased over 700 percent!

Students love food truck meals because it only takes minutes to get a meal for $5 or less! They also love being able to grab food between classes, or eat al fresco with their iPad and smartphone, instead of trekking to the cafeteria and having a sit-down meal. 

Another benefit? Food trucks can zip over to even the most remote areas of campus, and stay open late for students who need a break from burning the midnight oil.

But even though a lot schools have their own dining trucks, students don’t always realize that the food is basically mobile cafeteria food. 

School chefs often prep the food at the campus cafeteria, then send it out on the truck where it’s customized for students. For example, at the University of California Riverside, the “Culinary Chameleon” food truck doesn't have one sign that indicates it’s associated with the school. 

And it looks like a lack of cafeteria advertising is working. Miami University in Ohio recently started their first food truck called “Streats.” And it’s already ringing up 1,000 transactions a day. And the most popular item is the Herman Muenster grilled cheese.