It's time for another game of "Which Is Worse!" Play along and see how your answers match up:

  • Which is worse: Orange juice or pomegranate juice? It may top most breakfast menus, but the answer is O.J.! Now both are actually good for you, but if you've gotta choose: Ounce for ounce, pomegranate juice has more heart-healthy antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties than orange juice. A study by the National Academy of Sciences found that pomegranate juice prevents hardening of the arteries better than O.J., cranberry juice, and red wine. A separate study also found that pomegranate juice may slow tumor growth in those with prostate cancer.
  • Which is worse: Hummus or Guacamole? The answer is: Hummus! You'd think chickpeas, lemon, garlic and a dash of tahini would win, but avocados mixed with salsa, lemon and spices actually has fewer calories, half the carbs, and a quarter of the sodium of hummus. Guacamole is also packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, which helps lower cholesterol. If it's hummus or onion dip, pick the hummus. It's got protein, and only 50 calories per serving.
  • Finally, which is worse: Hot cocoa or a chocolate bar? The answer is: The chocolate bar! Hot cocoa that's made with nonfat milk and a tablespoon of sugar has 80 fewer calories than a milk chocolate bar, five times the antioxidants of black tea, and plenty of vitamins C and E. Of course, cold chocolate milk is also packed with antioxidants, but more of them are released when the chocolate's hot. Hot cocoa is also more satisfying. Since hot beverages are sipped slowly, your brain has more time to realize, "Hey, we're getting a treat here!"