Food packages everywhere are about to get a hipster makeover! That’s because of “Yemmies” – which is an acronym for “young, educated, Millennial mothers.” And Yemmies have extremely demanding healthy food preferences. In fact, a lot of Yemmies are obsessed with food.

They write their own cooking blogs, are hooked on cooking shows, are roaming the aisles at Whole Foods, and are wild for celebrity chefs. And because Yemmies shell out $65 billion on food every year - that’s $15 billion more than Baby Boomers do - manufacturers are scrambling to redesign their food packaging to appeal to them and be Yemmie-friendly.

So what does a Yemmie want? First, they want simplicity. They want pure foods – with as few ingredients and artificial flavors and colors as possible. In fact, Raisin Bran, Lay’s potato chips and Haagen-Dazs recently started advertising their products as “made with ‘x’ number of ingredients.” So label readers can see how natural their foods are. There’s a Haagen Dazs ice cream, for example, called “Five” which only has milk, cream, eggs, sugar, and lemon.  And Yoplait’s new label says “Just 6 simple ingredients.”

Another way manufacturers are appealing to Yemmies? By emphasizing what a product HAS – not what it DOESN’T have. So before, a package may have said “less fat!” But to appeal to those Millennial Moms, it’ll say “High in fiber!” So, you’ll start to notice more packages with healthy claims, like that they have a high fruit content.

Another Yemmie packaging food change? The word “organic” is a goner! Experts say that a lot of Yemmies associate “organic” with expensive and not necessarily healthy. Instead, studies show that they equate “natural” with “automatically healthy” – so “natural” is the new go-to buzzword.