It’s another food fight – where we pit two foods head to head to see which comes out as the nutritional champ! 

  • For lunch – which is better? A chicken Caesar salad? Or a grilled chicken sandwich? The sandwich. When you see the word “Caesar” think “diet disaster.” Because anything Caesar is loaded with cheese, creamy dressing and croutons. The salad is four times higher in fat than the sandwich. 

  • Next, how about Sunday brunch and a little cocktail? Do you order a mimosa or a bloody mary? Toast a bloody mary to your good health – as long as you stop at one. The tomato juice in the bloody mary has vitamin C, potassium and vitamin A, and a lot less sugar than the mimosa’s OJ. Tomatoes also have lycopene, which protects against cancer and heart disease. 

  • And let’s settle this one, once and for all: Which is healthier? Regular peanut butter or reduced fat? Just get the regular stuff! To make it reduced fat, they have to take out the healthy fat from peanuts and use corn syrup solids instead. That means you’re trading healthy fat for carbs – all to save a measly 19 calories.