It’s time for a Food Fight: The Candy Edition! This is when we pit two foods, head-to-head, to see which comes out as the nutritional champ. I know, we don’t usually talk about eating candy on this show, but let’s face it: A life without candy isn’t really living. So when it’s time for a treat, here’s what you should choose: 

  • We’ll start with red licorice versus black licorice. Which is the nutritional champ? Well, calorically they’re identical. But overall, go for RED licorice and here’s why. First of all, black licorice has three times more sodium. But a bigger problem is that eating large quantities of black licorice can be dangerous for adults over 40. According to the FDA, it contains a compound linked to heart problems. So how much is too much? Eating two large handfuls of black licorice daily.  

  • Let’s say you’re at the movies: Do you go for classic Gummy Bears or Sour Patch Kids? Skip the sour stuff! The calories and sugar are almost identical. But sour candies erode the enamel on our teeth because they’re so acidic. And because gummy candies stick to our teeth more than other types of candy, the sour ones can double the attack. So stick with the classic gummy bears.  

  • Okay, last candy battle: Do you go for the yogurt covered peanuts or raisins or the chocolate covered peanuts or raisins. The yogurt SOUNDS healthier, but don’t be fooled. The type of yogurt that covers fruit, nuts and pretzels is pretty much all fat and sugar with none of the health benefits of real yogurt. The chocolate coating has fat and sugar too, but at least the chocolate has some healthy antioxidants. And of course, the darker the chocolate the better.