Researchers say, when you only focus on exercise for weight loss, you cut your odds of success in half. To really make a lifestyle change, you need to focus on how exercise will literally transform your life. So check out this new science that explains how exercise can make you mentally sharper, happier and of course healthier. Let's start with how exercise improves your brain. Wanna be the smartest person in the room? Get on a treadmill, because even a single treadmill session can make you brainier. It's a fact - according to research done by the University of Muenster in Germany, after one treadmill session, exercisers learned new words 20% faster. Why? Because getting your heart pumping delivers more oxygen to your brain. And that stimulates new growth in the areas that control multitasking, memory and planning. Another way exercise will transform your life: You'll be happier at work. According to the University of Bristol, on days when workers participated in an on-site fitness session, they reported thinking more clearly, getting more done, and having better relationships with their coworkers. People who exercise also feel better about themselves. According to a study done by Pennsylvania State University, women felt more attractive after 4 months of regular walking or yoga - even if they didn't lose weight! Finally, if you're one of the millions of North Americans popping a sleeping pill - save your money and start exercising. People who exercise four days a week, for an hour at a time, fall asleep faster and wake up less during the night - adding an average of 48 more minutes of sleep to their bedtime each night.