Do you remember your Myspace password? It could be time to fire up your old account again! That’s because marketing experts say that some brands which were on the verge of becoming extinct are poised to make a major comeback! Here are the back-from-the-dead brands of 2013.

First: MySpace. It was the original social network but was all but obliterated once Facebook broke onto the scene. But MySpace’s turnaround started last year when Justin Timberlake and other investors bought it and gave it a makeover. Today’s MySpace now features celebrity interviews, movie previews, and even has a section of music playlists for you to listen to!

Then, what athlete had a spectacular fall from grace in 2009 but is posed for a comeback in 2013? It’s Tiger Woods! He was once a surefire, flawless brand – but his selling power plummeted in the wake of cheating scandals. But last year he started climbing the ranks again and won 3 PGA tournaments and was ranked the world’s second highest paid athlete.

Another brand staging a comeback? Ford’s Lincoln Town Car. It used to be the classiest ride around, but over the last few years suffered from a stale image.  But Ford recently launched a sleek new model and they’re targeting consumers under 40. For example, the new Town Car will be featured in a Super Bowl ad with Jimmy Fallon. And Car and Driver recently gave it a stellar 4.5 rating on a 5-point scale.

And get ready for the return of Yahoo! The tech giant has gone through five CEOs in five years. But experts say the current CEO, Marissa Mayer, is already fast-tracking Yahoo for a return to top dog status. They point to her recent projects like the reinvention of Yahoo email and a new Flickr photo smartphone app, which is set to compete with Instagram.