Did you know that there are more than 100 types of arthritis? According to MSN, one in six adults in North America has arthritis, and most of them can
only speculate about how they got it. So let’s clear up the confusion by sharing the things that do NOT cause arthritis:

  • Overuse: Some people think their knee or hip arthritis came from standing on their feet all day at work, but experts point out that if overuse caused arthritis, right-handers would have arthritis in their right hand. However, that’s not always the case. One exception to the overuse rule is athletes who sometimes develop degenerative arthritis because of repeated joint injuries.
  • Another issue that doesn’t cause arthritis: Cold, damp weather. Many patients say their joints hurt when it’s cold outside, but there’s no scientific evidence that weather causes any type of arthritis or flare ups.
  • You also won’t get arthritis from the wrong diet. There’s no evidence that certain foods cause arthritis. However, foods that contain uric acid, like seafood and organ meat, can trigger gout – which is painful inflammation, often in the foot. There’s a connection between obesity and osteoarthritis. So a diet that promotes weight loss may be helpful.
  • You also can’t get arthritis from mental or emotional stress. There are stories of people having severe emotional trauma and developing arthritis soon afterwards. Stress can make pain seem worse, but there’s no convincing evidence that psychological stress causes any type of arthritis.
  • Finally, you can’t get arthritis from “slouching.” Osteoporosis can cause stooped posture because your spine compresses and fractures – and you may get arthritis after that – but the stooped posture is not the cause of arthritis.

Bottom line: Experts don’t know why most cases of arthritis develop, but it’s more important to focus on ways to get better. Doctors recommend light
exercise, and Tylenol or Advil to manage the pain.