Are you looking for a job right now? One of the nation’s largest staffing firms, Express Employment Professionals, polled hiring managers from all over the country. Here are the top five things they’re looking for in successful candidate:  

  • First is Results. Jennifer Prosek is the C-E-O of a communications company. She says she wants candidates who can get the job done, against all odds. Other C-E-O’s said they hire people who can show them evidence of their ability to get results. So come to the interview prepared with real numbers and a story that shows you’re the guy who gets things done!

  • Next up is Preparation. Across the board, C-E-Os and hiring managers want to know that you’ve done your research about the industry and the company. Asking well thought-out questions not only shows you care about getting the job, it also highlights your research skills.     

  • Third quality of an impressive job candidate: Passion! Being enthusiastic about your career choice shows hiring managers that you’ll go that extra mile without having to be micro-managed. 

  • Fourth, Initiative. Come to the interview with an example of a time when you took a project and ran with it. Bosses want to hire people that they can trust to get the job done without constant oversight. 

  • And the fifth and final quality hiring managers are looking for: Professionalism. Whether you’re working on in a bank or manning a cash register, projecting a professional image is key. Professionalism is a quality that doesn’t come across on a resume and is impossible to teach, so you really have to bring it in the interview!

Quick review of the top five qualities of a successful job candidate: Results, Preparation, Passion, Initiative and Professionalism.