Not all fat is created equal. Just like other nutrients, the fat you eat shouldn't come from cookies, candy bars, and cake - it should come from natural foods. Of course calories matter - so even though certain fatty foods are okay to eat - they need to be a once-in-a-while thing. So here are 5 foods you can start eating again - in moderation. We got this from Rodale Publishing. To start:

  • Red meat with marbling. Yes, marbling is fat - but it's also full of flavor. That type of fat triggers your body to produce CCK, a hormone that helps you feel satisfied and full longer.
  • Chicken skin. Not the battered, deep fried kind. The skin on a roasted chicken breast. It makes it taste better and it provides half of your daily requirement of selenium - which is an essential mineral that wards off cancer.
  • Butter. That doesn't mean you can empty the restaurant bread basket, slathering each slice, but research shows a pat of butter on your vegetables helps you absorb their nutrients better. Operative word: a pat.
  • Also, feel free to eat full fat dairy products on occasion. Cornell University researchers found that people were likely to eat more calories from fat-free foods than from the regular versions. Why? Because when people eat fat-free, they think they're being virtuous and have license to eat more. So every now and then, go ahead and have full-fat milk in your coffee, real cheese on your turkey sandwich, and real sour cream on your baked potato. Plus, foods with more flavor make you feel satisfied sooner and fat equals flavor.
  • Whole eggs. A recent scientific review found that egg consumption doesn't raise the risk of disease. Also, eggs are loaded with choline - a chemical that helps your brain store and recall information. However, even though one egg contains only 75 calories, that number goes up when you smother it in cheese, mayonnaise, or some other greasy goop. So eat your eggs as plain as possible.