Your workout could be making you fat! At least that’s what the latest science shows. In fact, here are some “new rules” of fitness that could turn everything you know about exercise on its head:

Rule #1: You should exercise LESS. A new Canadian study found that people who exercised in short, intense bursts lost about 7 percent more fat than people who exercised twice as long at a moderate pace. Why? It turns out that when you push your body to the limit – even for just a few minutes – you tear up muscle tissue. That forces your body to continue burning fat to repair itself, even after your workout has ended.

New exercise rule #2: Choose cardio workouts over strength training. In a West Virginia University study, people who did a full-body cardio workout three times a week lost more weight than people who did daily strength training. Again, it’s because the cardio exercisers pushed themselves harder! In fact, researchers say monotonous strength exercises – like using a rowing machine - are the least likely to build muscle, because you tend to pace yourself.  You’ll see better results if you push your body in quick bursts, as safely as possible.

One more exercise rule: Outrun your appetite. New research has found that when you kick up the intensity of your workout, your stomach actually secretes fewer hunger hormones, not more! And without those nagging hunger pangs, you’re less likely to feel the urge to pig out after a workout.

Bottom line: When you’re exercising, think short, intense sprints, not long, steady marathons.