Did you know 45% of “working caregivers” are men? That’s the term experts use for people who care for an elderly family member – like a parent – while also holding down a job.

In the past, women traditionally filled that role since they typically cared for the entire family. But today, that role is increasingly falling on male shoulders. And experts are finding that men are less likely than women to ask for help in caring for their family, mainly because men often don’t know that help exists!

That’s a problem, because research shows that the average working caregiver loses about $90,000 in wages, over their lifetime – due to all the extra time off they need to be with their family. That may be why guys act more like “care coordinators” – meaning, they’re more likely to hire someone else to provide the care.

And finding the right help can be time-consuming and stressful. That’s why a growing number of care-giving services are popping up, targeted specifically at men. Here are a few:

  • Experts recommend a site called MaleCaregiverCommunity.com. It’s basically on online support group related to caregiving. Some recent topics include: “The Stress of Caring for Mom,” “Why Is Dad So Stubborn,” and “Living With Alzheimer’s Disease.”

  • Another great resource is CareManager.org. That’s an online directory, set up to help you connect with social workers or registered nurses, who can help you assess your loved one’s needs, and arrange for their in-home care.

  • We also recommend BenefitsCheckup.org. That’s a free service that helps identify the programs your loved ones qualify for, which helps pay for things like their prescription drugs, meal preparation, and other needs.