Here’s what you need to know about some of the ugly ingredients you use to feel pretty:

  • Let’s start with liquid foundation. Experts say most powders and liquid foundations use a mix of chemicals designed to have antibacterial properties. But, dermatologist Dr. Adam Friedman says those chemicals can release skin-irritating formaldehyde.

  • What’s in your eye shadow? If you prefer blue eye shadow, you’re coating your eyes in an iron pigment that’s a distant cousin of cyanide! Stacy Malkan, who’s the spokeswoman for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, says that - like many chemicals used to color makeup – the pigment’s never been tested for safety.

  • How about your blush and skin lotion? A study in the journal Toxicology found that many blushes and lotions contain a preservative that reacts with UV rays to kill skin cells. Meaning the product that’s supposed to make you look better is really aging you……

  • What’s the 411 on your nail polish? Have you ever walked into a nail salon and wondered, “What’s that smell?” Turns out, some of the fumes in nail polish come from volatile organic compounds that have been linked to respiratory and mental health issues.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell what’s in beauty products just by looking at the label. But, there are sites that will help you make an informed decision. Try