Not sure if you should say “I do?” Here are the signs that the time is right. These come from the book What Happy Couples Do:

  • You've had a few long-term relationships. Being in serious, committed relationships helps you figure out what works, and the qualities you want in a spouse. So, you’ll be more likely to recognize and appreciate “The One” when you find them.

  • You share similar goals. For example, you both want to travel and stay kid-free, or you both want to move to Chicago and save for a house. If you’re on different pages and, say, you have a travel bug, and they want to start a family, one of you will end up disappointed.

  • You realize you don’t want to change them. Experts say it’s pretty much impossible to change anybody. And you’re in a good place if you’ve accepted the fact that they’re messy, and that will never change.

  • You both try to resolve your conflicts, instead of fighting and fuming, or pretending it never happened. Experts point out that unresolved issues can lead to bigger blowouts down the road. Bottom line: If you can't talk things out rationally, you're not ready for married life.

  • Your friends and family approve of your choice. It's fine if some members of your inner circle aren’t happy with your relationship, because you can’t please everyone. But if almost everyone thinks you’re making a mistake, you’d better ask why. Because they just might be onto something.