Attention, singles! If you want to find love, you’d better be able to fit into your skinny jeans! That’s because a New York speed-dating company started offering a controversial event that they call “Skinny Minny Mixers.” Basically, meet and greets for guys looking to meet thin women only! 

Here’s how it works: Bouncers literally measure ladies’ waists at the door. And only let in size 8’s and under. So basically, Christina Hendrix from Mad Men couldn’t get in the door. 

But if you do measure up, once you’re in, you wear a badge that displays your clothing size for the entire event. So, if you’re a size 6, your badge has a “6” on it. 

Skinny events have been selling out like crazy. And other speed dating companies are starting to offer skinny nights, too. 

But psychologists slam the events. And point out that they’re not only discriminatory and shallow, but they encourage young women to think that they’re only attractive if they’re a certain size. But the speed dating company is standing by their “thin only” mixers. They say that weight is often a relationship deal breaker. 

And they point out that a lot of dating websites let you filter potential matches with a weight criteria. So, attending a skinny-only singles party is just the “in-person” version of that.

Also, the company is rolling out other relationship deal-breaker singles events. For example, they started throwing “Tall Nights” parties for women who want to date tall men. Bouncers measure guys’ height at the door, and only let in those above 6’1”. 

So, tell me what do you think? Would you go to a thin-only or a tall-only speed dating event? Post a comment on