You can   and I can help with tips from Stephan Gullo, New York based weight loss specialist and columnist in Allure Magazine.

  • First, avoid eye contact with the donut! Just looking at food produces a neuro-chemical change in your brain that makes you hungry for that food.
  • Next, block your nose. Scent causes cravings. Pop one of those breath strips or a eucalyptus cough drop. You could be in a room full of pizza and not smell it.
  • Also, plan ahead. Stress causes cravings. So if you know you're going to have a particularly stressful day, bring healthy snacks along. You make better decisions when you're anticipating anxiety than when you're feeling it. It's like knowing where the fire exits are in your building. If you do, when the alarm goes off, you know which way to walk.

One last tip to help you avoid food temptation: Get busy. Food cravings are as much about the hands as they are the mouth, just like with smoking. Cravings only last between 4 and 12 minutes, so keep your hands busy and your mouth empty.