To fight the flu this season, experts say eating the right food is just as important as washing your hands or getting a flu shot! So, here’s a list of the top flu fighting foods, according to the book Super Immunity, by dietician Joel Fuhrman:

  • Eggs. They contain a compound called choline, which acts as an extra barrier around cell membranes. Experts say that helps keep out invaders like the flu virus, so you’re less likely to get sick! Fuhrman recommends eating at least one egg for breakfast three times a week.

  • Fish. As we’ve talked about many times, fatty fish like salmon and tuna are loaded with selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. Those not only boost heart health, they’ve also been linked to boosting white blood cell activity, which you need to fend off viruses. So, aim to eat at least two servings of fish every week.

  • Onions. Many smelly foods - like onions, scallions and garlic - have sulfur compounds that slow the growth of bacteria, and kill germs. Onions also have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. And Fuhrman says that when your blood vessels aren’t inflamed, your immune system’s more effective at fighting infection!

  • Beans. Those are rich in zinc. And research shows that zinc makes white blood cells more aggressive – so, they’re ready to fight off any infection that comes their way. Aim to add a half-cup of beans to your meals each week.

  • Nuts. It turns out, nuts are packed with three of the ingredients we’ve talked about in this list – zinc, selenium, and those omega-3s that nutrition experts love so much. In other words: If you eat a handful of nuts daily, you’ll get three times the immunity boosting benefits – and hopefully no flu.