You don’t need to go on a juice fast to cleanse your system. Some juice cleanses say the reason they work is because they give your body a break from breaking down the fiber in foods. That supposedly rests your digestive system. But the truth is – that’s medically meaningless. There’s no proof that our digestive system ever needs a rest.

Another false claim from juice cleanses: That they rid the body of toxins. Nope – your liver does that just fine on its own. And if a juice fast or cleanse could rid you of acne, colds, cancer or headaches – don’t you think every doctor in the world would recommend them? So skip the juice cleanse – and try these diet tweaks instead. They come from nursing science professor Stella Volpe:

Cut out processed foods – that means microwave dinners - and anything out of a box. That’s because processed foods are high in sodium. So you’ll feel sluggish and bloated eating them.

Next, cut out the white stuff – white bread, white rice, white pasta. Choose whole grains and you’ll reduce your risk of heart disease. You also won’t get that energy rush and crash – because foods made from white flour react exactly like sugar in your system.

Lastly, cleanse your system by cutting out diet drinks. They can make you crave more sweets – because they don’t satisfy your sweet tooth. They only stimulate it.

So now that you’ve cleansed your diet of the foods that drag you down – here’s what to put in:

Green vegetables. Try a new vegetable every week from the grocery store. You’ll get a new batch of vitamins and minerals your body needs, but isn’t getting when you stick to only broccoli.

Also, eat more berries. Put them over yogurt – a little ice cream – oatmeal – or just straight out of a bowl. You’ll get your sweet fix – but unlike candy, cake or cookies – fruit won’t give you that sugar rush and crash because it’s loaded with fiber. Aim to eat a cup a day.

Also, to energize your system, eat more iron-rich foods. They help fight fatigue – and mental fuzziness. So eat a portion of lean meat, poultry or fish every day.