Want to make some extra cash? Here are a few unusual ways to fatten your wallet:

  • First: Recycle your scrap metal. Experts estimate that every month, the average family throws away almost $80 worth of metal. That includes aluminum cans, aluminum foil, extension cords, appliances and mops. If it’s metal, it can be recycled! To locate a scrap yard in your area, visit YardQuest.com. 

  • Another way to make extra cash: Sell your unusual skills! Whether you’re a writer, make birthday phone calls while impersonating Jay Leno, or offer lessons in solving Soduko puzzles. Websites like Fiverr.com and GigBucks.com let you offer small services for a fee, usually $5. 

  • Then, if you’re located somewhere parking’s at a premium, like downtown, or near a stadium, rent out your driveway! Sites like Park At My House dot com help you rent parking spaces on your property for as much $20 a day. And people who live near stadiums often make twice that by leasing spots for sporting events and concerts. 

  • And finally: Consider renting out your car! The average car owner spends $715 a month for a vehicle that’s used less than 2 hours a day. And car-sharing companies like Relay Rides and JustShareIt.com can help you rent out your vehicle by the hour, day, or week. You set your own rates, and they insure your car against damage, and the average participant rakes in about $250 a month.

If any of these money-making ideas sound enticing, all the links you need are at Tesh.com.