Parents: Play time for your kids may also be contamination time at many fast food restaurants.

That’s the conclusion of a mother we read about named Erin Carr-Jordan. She’s a child development specialist who recently followed her toddler into one of the play tubes at her local fast food chain. And what she found horrified her: The inside of the tube was covered with clumps of hair, rotting food, sticky black grime and even gang graffiti!

That experience kicked off a crusade where Jordan began exploring the play areas of other fast food restaurants, and documenting what she found on YouTube. She also spent several thousand dollars collecting samples from play tubes in seven states, and getting them tested for germs.

The result? Researchers found traces of human waste in about 90% of the samples. Unfortunately, that’s not a surprise to our friend, microbiologist Dr. Philip Tierno. He says wherever there are kids, there are germs and children could easily get sick if they touch the germs inside play areas, and then touch their mouth, nose, or an open wound.

He says the problem is that fast food play areas aren’t regulated. So, unlike restaurant bathrooms for example, there’s no way to know how often the play areas get cleaned, or if they’re even cleaned at all. So train your kids to always wash their hands after playing in one of these areas. And consider saving playtime for after your kids eat. That way, there’s less chance of them transferring germs to their food