To lose their pregnancy weight! But celebrity moms have given normal women a skewed idea of how fast that baby weight should come off. That's according to the BBC.

  • In a recent poll of pregnant women, 20 percent of them were afraid they'd never get back to their pre-birth shape.
  • And 80 percent of them said famous moms, like Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow, make it look too easy to lose the weight, which means family, friends and even perfect strangers are much less tolerant of slower weight loss. But celebrity moms have to get back into shape fast, because their public image is so crucial. And they usually have a team of people helping them do it, from nannies and dieticians, to trainers and personal chefs. But if you just had a baby, here's what's normal and healthy when it comes to losing the weight:
  • First, several studies have shown that no matter how hard you try, you'll probably weigh between 1 and 8 pounds more than you did before you got pregnant.
  • And doctors at Cornell Medical Center say if you were active throughout your pregnancy, and gained 35 pounds, it'll take about 6 months to lose the weight.