What’s the latest weapon in the fight against childhood obesity? Farm-to-school programs.

The idea is for schools to partner with local farmers and volunteers, so the kids can learn how to grow their own food in an on-campus garden. It also introduces kids to fresh foods they may never have tried. They also learn to cook with it. And research shows when kids grow and cook their own food – they’re more likely to eat it – because they’re proud of it. So not only is it a good way to teach kids about healthy foods, it’s getting them to eat healthier too.  

It’s even sparked a number of entrepreneurs. One group of farm-to-school kids in Kentucky now grows strawberries in the school’s greenhouse. And when the kids harvest the fruit, they take it to a commercial kitchen where they turn it into jam, which they’re now selling at a local farmer’s market.

If you’d like to learn more, try the website is FarmtoSchool.org.