Falling in love may make you happy, but it can also make you sick. Here are a few of the side effects love can have on your body: * First: You can't sleep. Experts say that when you're in love, your brain is flooded with chemicals, like dopamine, and norepinephrine. Those chemicals make you feel like you're on a speed high. That's why you have so much energy, and can stay up all night just looking in each other's eyes. But experts warn that missing out on sleep can cause everything from weight gain, to high blood pressure. * Another way falling in love hurts your health: It can make you feel like you're having an anxiety attack. Rutgers University researchers scanned the brains of people who were newly in love, and found that the area linked to fear was lit up like crazy. Because when you're in love, you're in a manic state, which means you're naturally anxious, and you're more likely to make impulsive decisions, like go on a white water rafting date, even if you don't know how to swim. * And the final love side effect: You feel non-stop butterflies. Experts say being newly in love is like living with the queasy stomach that you get right before a big job interview. That's because love triggers your brain to release stress hormones, which divert blood away from your gut, and give you that "I'm about to be sick" feeling.