I’m sure you’ll love to hear these facts about love. Here’s the answer to a few romance-related questions. Courtesy of Reader’s Digest.

  • Question #1: Can love really last a lifetime? Absolutely – but there’s a catch. If you want your love to last, you need to ditch that fairy tale about living “happily ever after.” Scientists recently found that romantic love involves chemical changes in the brain that last between 12 and 18 months. After that, since you won’t have those chemicals to keep you feeling “lovey dovey,” you’ll need to maintain your relationship by doing things like communicating, listening, and – gasp! – compromising. Relationships require maintenance, so if you want to grow old together, take the time to regularly “tune up” your love.
  • Love question #2: Why do married people begin to look like one another? If you watch any two people who like each other talk, you’ll notice a lot of mirroring. One person smiles, and so does the other. One person raises their eyebrows, and so does the other. Faces are like melodies with a natural urge to stay in sync.But if you multiply these “mirroring” movements by several years of marriage, all those years of simultaneous smiling and eyebrow raising – and the matching wrinkles and laugh lines that come with those movements – will make a couple look strikingly similar.
  • Can a marriage survive betrayal? Yes – but it takes time and work. 75 percent of couples in which there’s infidelity stick together and work it out. How can you start the healing? The offended partner needs to make the choice to forgive – and learn to live with a memory that simply can’t be erased. Then, the healing can start and the trust can be re-built. Infidelity is never forgotten, but it can gradually fade into the murky background of a strong, mature marriage. Or you could just NOT have an affair in the first place.