Are you a “Facebook Resister?”

That’s the nickname for the estimated 1-in-3 North Americans who do not have a Facebook profile and probably never will! Why?

As you might expect, a lot of people are concerned about privacy. They say they don’t want to have their life splashed all over the Internet and they don’t feel the need to share private photos of their family, or what they’re eating for lunch!

Also, even though Facebook promises to help build “closer ties among friends,” many holdouts say the opposite is true. For example: One woman we read about says that when she had a Facebook account, she talked to her friends less, because everyone was always online posting status updates so they already knew everything about each other. But ever since she shut down her account, she’s felt more connected, because she makes the effort to see and talk to her friends in person.

Of course, some people resist Facebook just because they resist everything “new” and trendy like the 16% percent of North Americans who still don’t have cell phones! But some resisters admit there are disadvantages in holding out.

As an example, a growing number of employers use Facebook to check out prospective employees. So if you don’t have an account, you seem out of touch or you seem like you have something to hide.

What does Facebook think of all these holdouts or “resisters?” So far, executives say they’re not concerned. After all, membership grew 10% percent this year, and the company’s worth billions! They say they’re more focused on making sure the 800 million people who have signed up for Facebook stay on Facebook.