If you’re in a new relationship, it might be time for a Facebook “purge,” where you delete all the old pictures, wall posts, comments and messages from your ex. Why? Because your Facebook “history” could be making your current partner jealous! In fact, it’s scientifically proven that social networks like Facebook increase jealousy. Bottom line: 60% of people check their partner’s Facebook page every day. And leaving up the remnants of a past relationship is the digital equivalent of having a box of your ex’s stuff, but it’s on display for your 250 Facebook friends to see. So, here’s how to purge your past.

  • First: Unfriend your ex. If you’re no longer friends in real life, your ex shouldn’t be hanging out on your Facebook page, “liking” your pictures, and posting LOL on all your jokes. Here’s a good litmus test: Do you refer to your ex as “my ex so-and-so” – or “my friend so and so?” If you refer to them as your ex, it’s time to un-friend them.

  • Another tip for your Facebook purge: Visit the photo galleries of your friends and family, and “untag” pictures of you cuddling with your ex, because your current partner probably checks their pages, too.

  • And for your future relationships: Experts say don’t change your official Facebook status to “in a relationship.” 38% of people update their relationship status and become “Facebook Official.” But breakups happen, and having to change your status back to “single” is humiliating. Even worse: The Facebook Timeline makes it way too easy for your future partners to see exactly when – and how often – you broke up and got back together.

The only exception to the “in a relationship” rule is when you get married, because that’s hopefully permanent.