Get ready for another installment of “Which is Worse.” Let’s start with this one: 

  • Which is worse: Exercising on a full stomach, or an empty one? It's worse to exercise AFTER breakfast, especially if your breakfast is loaded with fat and carbs. Here's why, according to the Journal of Physiology: In a study, two groups of people were monitored. One group ate a standard breakfast before working out, like eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes. The other didn't. During the 2-month study - the breakfast-eating group not only GAINED weight - they became more insulin-resistant and were storing a greater amount of fat in their muscles. The exercise before eating group LOST weight - showed no signs of insulin resistance and they burned fat more efficiently. In fact, the non-breakfast eaters increased their fat burn by 40-percent! That's because exercising in a fasted state - meaning not eating overnight or before your workout - allows the body to burn a greater percentage of fat for fuel - instead of simply burning off the breakfast you just ate. But you should never do extreme or intense exercise on an empty stomach - since you may not have the energy for it. So if your workout is intense, have something small beforehand. That way, all your energy won't go toward digestion - it'll sustain your workout instead. 

  • Okay, one more. What’s worse: Energy drinks or soda? Both have tons of sugar. But in a pinch, researchers say the soda is better. That’s because energy drinks contain a lot more caffeine. The experts say that most people can handle one regular size energy drink without any adverse effects. But the levels of caffeine in multiple servings can have a dangerous effect on blood pressure, heart rate and brain function. But you’re better off skipping both and finding another way to boost your energy, like sipping an iced coffee or tea.