Exercise not only helps your waistline. It’s also a proven way to fight major health issues. For example: 

  • For constant anxiety: Hit the treadmill. Getting our heart pumping increases the release of mood-stabilizing serotonin. And one study found that 30 minutes of jogging – or any moderately-intense activity - makes us more resilient against stress for hours afterward. Also, research shows that people who workout are significantly less stressed, anxious and depressed than people who don’t exercise. That’s because exercise stimulates the same brain chemicals that anti-depressants do. 

  • Then, forget guzzling coffee all day to stay awake. Just get moving. That’s because exercise is a proven way to fight daytime fatigue. An Oregon State University study found that people who exercised 2 hours a week are 65-percent more likely to feel alert during the day. That’s because exercise floods our bodies with feel-good dopamine, which keeps our brains and bodies buzzing.

  • Also, attention, back pain sufferers. Research shows that strength training can reduce pain by up to 80-percent in about 2 months. That’s because toning your lower-back, abdominal and oblique muscles takes pressure off your spine and improves range of motion. That’s a 2-in-1 benefit – because it prevents and treats pain. So aim for two days a week of strength-training exercises. 

  • Then, exercise can kill snack attacks. When we get cravings, our brain isn’t really craving candy bars – it’s craving feel-good dopamine. Instead of stuffing our faces with sweets, we can get our dopamine fix by exercising. Even a 10 minute walk can do the trick. 

  • And finally exercise boosts our immune system. Research shows that workouts are a natural cold-fighter, because they trigger immune cells to move into our bloodstream, where they attack invading viruses and bacteria.